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Published Online: March 1986

Systematic analysis of research on religious variables in four major psychiatric journals, 1978-1982

Publication: American Journal of Psychiatry


The authors conducted a systematic analysis of quantitative research on religious variables found in four psychiatric journals between 1978 and 1982. Of the 2,348 psychiatric articles reviewed, 59 included a quantified religious variable. In this research, the religious variable chosen was most often a single static measure of religion rather than multiple dynamic measures. In addition, other available religious research was seldom cited. Comparison with systematic analyses of religious research in psychology and sociology suggests that psychiatric research lacks conceptual and methodological sophistication. The data suggest that the academic knowledge and skills needed to evaluate religion have not been absorbed into the psychiatric domain.

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American Journal of Psychiatry
Pages: 329 - 334
PubMed: 3953867


Published in print: March 1986
Published online: 1 April 2006


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